King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Do you care?

First job: Ice cream scooper
First screen name: WTF is a screen name? I've never used AOL. First account name? weiss872 (automatically assigned by University of Idaho).
First self-purchased album: Either Wham! Make it Big, or Depeche Mode Some Great Reward. Can't remember.
First funeral: First one I remember is my grandfathers. Probably had others before that though.
First piercing/tattoo: None.
First credit card: Not sure specically. SIgned up for too much credit early on in college. Probably AT&T's universal mastercard, but it could have beena store card of some kind.
First true love: I dunno.
First enemy: Don't have any. Have lots of people who don't like me, but so far I haven't inspired anybody who will go out of their way to get me.
First big trip: Germany right after high school. Did some others with the parents as a youngster, but those weren't my trips.
First concert: Platinum BLonde at the Paramount. Cause it was like $1.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Johnny Horton.

Last big car ride: Auckland, New Zealand to Queenstown, New Zealand
Last kiss: Made out with a drunk Natalie in August.
Last library book: Been a while. Avoided the library because moving so often.
Last movie seen: Uptown Girls on the plane without headphones (so much better making up my own dialogue I bet)
Last beverage drank: Nestea
Last food consumed: Fettucine
Last phone call: Made - customer service. Received - RBC Dain Rauscher financial advisor
Last cd played: Dunno. Erin brought the music for the car in NZ, and I forget which was last.
Last annoyance:
Last soda drank: Ginger ale
Last ice cream eaten: Vanilla
Last time scolded: Thursday
Last shirt worn:
Last Web site visited:

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