King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Six degrees of John Cena

One other thing I should mention now, is that on the way back from New Zealand after we checked in with Alaska and were heading up to the gate, there was a couple of guys getting autographs from someone right in front of us. We almost ran into them (being kind of out of it). Then I realized the man signing the autographs and taking his picture with the two dudes was John Cena a professional wrestler with World Wrestling Entertainment (aka, the W.W.F.) and who is currently feuding with Brock Lesnar for the world title. Erin went kind of giddy and gawked. I waited until the guys got their autographs and pictures, then asked to shake John Cena's hand. Told him I didn't have nothing for him to sign. I sometimes watch wrestling, enough to keep up with who's feuding with who (i.e., 3 or 4 times a month). Say what you will about it, the guys who do that work take a beating, both in their travel schedules and in the physical punishment (the outcome may be scripted, but you try flipping over the top rope onto the floor and not killing yourself), and my hats are off to the ones who can do it and do it well. So shaking his hand was just my way of saying I'm impressed dude. Anyway, he stopped, shook my hand, and then grinned nicely before we all headed up the stairs to get X-rayed.

Guy was well muscled, but just barely taller than me. There were also a few other W.W.E. wrestlers in the line as well, though we didn't talk to any of them. Funaki and Doug Basham were there as well. Doug was carrying his tag team title belt with him, and security had to run it through the X-ray twice. Couple of other guys I didn't recognize as well. I dunno if they were regular wrestlers, or just buddies of them.


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