King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


So someone did the full interview loop at the company, and got rave reviews and there is now an offer out to him. My group is at the top of the list to get new hires (and also at #3 as well). So now this guy has the choice of going to my group or another group. My boss will be giving him a pitch this week. Of course, I haven't met or talked to the guy. And the second position I have open is going to go to a college hire that I haven't talked to either. I've just been told this by my boss. Basically, I will likely get two people working under me that I haven't interviewed. Except that the really good guy they may just have him take over half my department and half the accompanying travel server department and have him report to my boss.

All this is well and good, except that my job is looking less and less like the lead position that I accepted.


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