King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

New art by Peter Eller

One thing I didn't mention about my trip to San Francisco this weekend was that while I was wandering the streets on Friday looking for a wireless connection, I stopped at an art display at Union Square. Peter Eller displayed his work with the group that was there, and I really liked a couple of paintings he had on the plaza. So I bought one of them. It doesn't make as much use of color as the other paintings I own. I generally prefer to have lots of color in the art I collect. Some of his work displayed on his web site is much more colorful. But the two paintings there that I liked are more drab.

This one is titled The Recent Time though I don't think the title does it justice. It's an abstract figure partially hidden by an indistinct object. While the abstraction itself makes for differing visions of what's in the painting, what I see mostly in the painting is a menacing figure.

I think I'll want to reframe it (he said it didn't come with the frame, but with the frame it arrived today). I don't much like the plain white frame. So sometime in the next few months, Beth, I'll be talking to you again to see what wonders you can do. But maybe I'll wait until I get another painting first. (I still want to get something of Poul's.)

An aside, it feels kind of weird to actually use the word collector in connection with me and painting. But I guess I am. Not a big collection so far (4 pieces). Each one spoke to me, and not just in a this would look nice in the den kind of way. Something in each of them made me want to buy the piece so I could show the artist's talent off. Look world, see what has been created!


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