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Quiz results

  1. What did I do in my first job?
    Garden (2 points) 0
    Scoop ice cream (10 points) 15
    Stock shelves (0 points) 7
    Write software (0 points) 0
    Shipping clerk (2 points) 3
    My first real job was scooping ice cream at Karen's Old Fashioned Ice Cream in Moscow, Idaho. I was 17 and staying there for the summer to gain residency for tuition at the University of Idaho. 2 bonus points for knowing I've worked as a shipping clerk and as a gardener. Jason is correct through, I once got paid for a week to put magentic strips into books at Nathan Hale High School library, where my aunt was the school librarian and they were putting in a theft detection system. I also had a paper route for a while too.
  2. In the 2000 election, who did I vote for?
    George Bush (0 points) 1
    Pat Buchanan (0 points) 0
    Al Gore (0 points) 6
    Ralph Nader (10 points) 14
    Harry Browne (2 points) 4
    I voted for Ralph Nader. Not the first time either. In 1996, he ran on the Green Party ticket, but refused to cooperate with the Green Party, as that mean that they were considered an independent committee and he didn't have to report contributions or some such thing. I voted for Clinton in 92, but was turned off by his count the polls ideology and his lying and evasiveness. Also didn't like that he caved on his promise to allow homosexuals to serve in the military. Bonus point for Harry Browne as in a perfect world, I would be a pure libertarian. My first libertarian vote was in the 1976 Weekly Reader kids poll on the presidential race. I voted for Ron Brown. They didn't count my vote.
  3. What is my favorite band?
    Queen (5 points) 8
    The Beautiful South (2 points) 6
    The Hooters (10 points) 1
    Laura Love Band (2 points) 9
    Rammstein (0 points) 1
    Lots of bonus points on this question, but I've loved the Hooters for a long time. Only band for which I have bootleg tapes of live concerts. Queen is my second favorite band, and the Beautiful South and Laura Love Band are also favorites. Not real impressed with Rammstein.
  4. What was my first cat's name?
    Socks (0 points) 5
    Eve (10 points) 4
    Cayman (2 points) 4
    Guinevere (0 points) 12
    I can't believe 5 of you thought I would ever name a cat Socks! Yuck. I like classical sounding names for cats. Eve was my first cat. She was run over on the highway after I had her about 6 months. No bonus points for knowing Guinevere is my current cat. She's my second. Also had Cayman for a couple of years after I acquired Guinevere, so those who knew that got bonus points. He liked to pick fights and never came back inside one day. I assume he picked a fight with something bigger.
  5. Which author do I have autographed books from?
    Bruce Campbell (8 points) 2
    China Miéville (10 points) 15
    Evelyn Whitfield (8 points) 0
    John Grisham (0 points) 4
    Orson Scott Card (0 points) 4
    I don't really like Grisham, though I've read most of his books. I dunno why I am such a masochist. Card I like a lot of his older books, but I do not own anything autographed. I have Bruce Campbell's autographed biography and Evelyn Whitfield is a small press author who wrote a memoir of her time in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. She's not famous, but I love her story to death and have an autographed copy. Lots of bonus points for those. But the major bonus points go to my second favorite author, China Mié. I have three books signed by him, including a salutation To King Rat in his book King Rat.
  6. What is my favorite dessert?
    Napolean (2 points) 0
    Cheesecake (0 points) 1
    Carrot cake (2 points) 1
    Pie (10 points) 23
    Cookies (5 points) 0
    Der. Pie. Bonus points for Napolean (tasty) and carrot cake, and especially cookies, cause cookie was my first word.
  7. What college was I accepted to?
    Seattle University (2 points) 2
    University of Washington (0 points) 0
    Cal Tech (0 points) 3
    University of Idaho (10 points) 16
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 4
    Seattle University accepted everyone from my high school, regardless of grades. I got into University of Idaho on merit, although that doesn't mean I did particularly well in high school. They had low standards at UI.
  8. Which movie have I seen the most times?
    Robocop (10 points) 1
    Star Wars (0 points) 8
    Highlander (5 points) 5
    Night of the Comet (9 points) 5
    Rear Window (0 points) 6
    I used to rent Robocop once a week. That movie cracks me up! Night of the Comen gets bonus points cause I've seen it so many times late night on Showtime in the 80s. Highlander I've also seen a lot. But not nearly as much as the other two.
  9. What is my mother's name?
    Jennifer (0 points) 2
    Vera (0 points) 2
    Othelia (0 points) 1
    Gail (0 points) 15
    Dorinda (10 points) 5
    Don't think I've ever mentioned her name in the journal, so you'd have to know the family, or have had lots of conversations with me to know this without guessing. Oddly enough, most of you picked my mom's sister Gail. Grandmother is Vera. Great grandmother was Othelia (married to Otto). No one in the family named Jennifer. No bonus points for this one though.
  10. What color are my eyes?
    Brown (0 points) 6
    Blue (5 points) 8
    Green (0 points) 6
    Gray (0 points) 5
    Not worth the full 10 points because if you've seen me outside club light, you could know this one. I have very very blue eyes. If you look into them you'll notice this. Look into my eyes. You are getting very sleepy. When you wake up if you are a hot chick you will want to have sex with me…

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