King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Nothing doing, pretty much

I spent the weekend at my grandparents cabin just outside of plain. The goal was to float the Wenatchee river and start a fire. Except the river was too high and fast to float without life jackets, and we got there a bit late anyway. We also weren't sure if there was a burn ban in effect either, and I didn't want to have to deal with the authorities so we held off on fire. Figured out that there was no burn ban, but the wind gusted pretty badly and so I resisted actually starting a fire. I love fire, but I will not do something reckless. Having a burning ember float 45 feet away in the wind and start a fire where I couldn't see it would have been bad.

So what we did do was pretty much nothing. That was more or less the point anyway. After we got there on Saturday, we checked out the river. Scott (tasty_ghoul) was pretty brave and waded right in. The rest of use held back, although we all eventually got wet to some degree. Scott and Maria were the craziest; both of them went completely under. Darren (stryper666) waded in pretty deep, but didn't want to carry around 3 pounds of freezing cold water in his bloo dreads. Amber (turtlegrrl13), Jason (mrsloane) and I got in to various depths but were decidedly wary of the water. It was cold enough to cause my feet to cramp up upon stepping into the water. After a bit I would get used to it and the cramps stopped. I was braver on Sunday.

The rest of Saturday we spent sitting on the deck, drinking and bullshitting. Now I have done this activity with Darren and Jason, and I have talked some with Maria and Amber, but Scott I've barely met. So it was a chance to get to know the three of them better. Amber stayed pretty quiet and revealed little though. Probably safest that way. And we all got to bed before midnight on a Saturday night. We were all shocked.

Sunday, Scott got up earliest and went down to the community pool, while I started cooking everyone breakfast. Fakin' bacon for Amber (which surprisingly enough wasn't bad stuff), real bacon for the rest of us, followed by eggs and sausage. We also had crumpets, but the toasters didn't cooperate so people mostly ate them un-toasted. Jason also ate quite a few marshmallows.

We hung around afterward and went down to the river and the pool again rather than head home right away. Got a little bit of sun even. Yes, I am slightly red. No blisters this time. We left somewhere around 5 o'clock and detoured through Leavenworth on Maria's wish. Folks ate bratwurst for dinner, and then we headed home from there. Oh, we also got to view a small forest fire and some fire fighting planes on the mountainside above Leavenworth and Highway 2.

We still weren't done either. We got back to my place around 8:30 pm. Scott and Amber hung out here until 9:30 before taking off. Jason, Darren, and Maria stayed until nearly 11. I was good. After I took Maria home, I discovered she had left herself logged into to the Seattle Gothic board. But I did not post anything under her name. Nothing. I thought about getting her into trouble, but I did not.

All in all, we had a good time just relaxing with no pressure whatsoever. I plan on having another one of these outings on either the 3rd weekend (19th - 21st) or 4th weekend (23rd - 25th) in August. The water level in the river should be down more by then so there will definitely be river floating that trip. Anyone interested in going and doing nothing for a weekend should speak up soon, as space is somewhat limited. We have room for maybe 10 people total if people share beds, and a few more if folks want to know each other really well. But definitely limited space. I'll probably actually make all the plans the first weekend in August.


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