King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


Heading out to my grandparents cabin near Plain. If the weather cooperates we will float a portion of the Wenatchee river. Then the rest of the evening will be spent sitting on the deck drinking, eating, and bull-shitting. If there isn't a burn ban in effect, we will have fire. Basically an evening and a morning of nothing. Just sitting and relaxing. Then we come back tomorrow late morning or afternoon-ish.

I think I purchased too much food. I can always use it later. But if anyone wants to come on out there and join us and help us suck down the food and beverages, come on out. Call my cell (206) 568-8356 if you wanna join us. I'll give you directions from Plain. Cause I'll have memorized the exact mileage up the mountain roads by then.

Plain is:


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