King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Little things

This morning, I realized as I got into the shower that there are a lot of little things that keep me sane and on track. Things that I could probably do without, but for some reason I use them to make sense of the world, to prevent problems from occurring. Some things that I noticed this morning:

  • I use a kitchen timer set to 10 minutes so I don't use all the hot water in the shower.
  • My alarm clock is on the opposite side of the room from my bed so that I will have to get up to turn it off or hit snooze. I often still hit snooze and go back to sleep, however.
  • My bus pass goes in the back pocket of my pants, so that it is always accessible and I do not hold up the line. Nothing else goes in the back pocket of my pants.
  • My bookmarks are organized by how frequently I use them. I have folders for frequent, daily, weekly, occasional, and reference. Within those, I may organize by subject.
  • I always get my mail immediately after I get home. I never do something else first upon arriving at home.
I'm sure I could think of others given some time, but these were the ones that stuck out at me immediately after my earth-shaking realization.


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