King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


I know I have been strangely silent in LJ land. Some people go for days, weeks and months without posting entries. Me, if I go several hours without an entry people ask me what's up.

In this case, Tuesday was a hectic day at work. I headed straight to the airport from work for a recruiting trip to Washington State University. I brought my newly purchased laptop, with my newly purchased wireless card. However, I was not sure where in Pullman I could find some place I could hook up. I did find one, but I was not lugging the laptop with me at the time. Figured you all could do without me for a while. Besides, I really have nothing to say. Not that it matters, because it's my fucking journal and if I wanna say nothing, I'm damn well gonna. Like right now.

Ran into one guy I know in Pullman. Got some new True Love on the Palouse gossip. You folks think sea goth is a circular dating pool, you should see the group I hung out with from 1992 through 1998. Whoooooo-eee! And the merry-go-round didn't stop after I left. (And while I have a relatively drama free image now, at one point, I was in the thick of things.)

Naked people can now return.


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