King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

The latest quiz

I don't understand this latest A-Z quiz at all. There's no interesting information to be gained from any of the answers. Most quizes are crap anyway, but possibly one or two things are interesting. This one, ain't got nothing interesting on it. Who cares what is the item of make-up that one considers indispensable? Not even how many people I've slept with is interesting. You would think watching everyone try to find yet another humorous (but not really) way to avoid answering that question, or tell people to buzz off on it would be interesting. But no, it's not interesting to watch people avoid that question even.

And for the record, it's 7. Seven people I've slept with. Should that be embarrassing? Just too weird watching people go through contortions to avoid telling a number that is of little interest in the first place.

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