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Video games

Yes, I play video games. I just finished my first run through on Halo for the Xbox.

I've never been much of a person to play them all the time. At least not since my youth, when I played crappy games at the 7-Eleven on Richmond Beach Road in what's now Shoreline. Got good at one game there that was broken. If you pressed the bar that they attached the padlock to, you got a credit. I forget the game though. Something like "Satan's Lair" or some such nonsense. I always did love Joust also. And a few other games which I can't remember the names of now.

Jason's family had a Magnavox Odyssey2 console. Don't remember much about it except it had a lot of knock-offs of real video games. It didn't have Pac-Man, it had KC Munchkin. And it had cheesy toothpick joysticks, rather than thick ones you could grab with your hands. That was what you had for joysticks on computers then. It worked by basically having a coordinate system. The Atari joysticks were directional. They had up-down-left-right and the four additional directions that can be had by combining the four primary directions. The smaller toothpick joysticks were much more sensitive and you had a lot finer control, but it made the hardware more delicate.

So my employer used to be a Microsoft subsidiary. So we had privileges at the Microsoft company store. But since Microsoft was selling us to USA Interactive we were going to lose the benefit of cheap Microsoft products for personal use. So the last week that we could, I bought everything in the store that I thought I might possibly ever want. Including six Xbox games. Even though I didn't own an Xbox. After a few more months, I picked one up at CompUSA just before the price went down by $100. Doh!

So far, I've played Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Halo. Overall, I very much liked Munch's Oddysee. Might comment on the in more depth later.

Halo is mostly a first person shooter, somewhat in the tradition of Half-Life, except without Half-life's sense of telling a story. Oh, there's a story involved in Halo, but it's a lot choppier and somewhat more repetitive than Half-Life's. Not to mention extremely derivative of Half-life's game story and game play. It did add a few new elements to the game play though. For instance, I thoroughly enjoyed the vehicle and aerial combat pieces of Halo. Surface to ground combat was far too easy though. But the air to air fights were fun! The puzzle solving aspect of the game left a lot to be desired as well. There never really was more than one choice of what to do next. Half-life at least presented you with interesting opponents that you often as not had to think your way through to beating, rather than just shooting your way through. Still, Halo is nice eye-candy and better than Doom. Maybe not better than the latest Doom and Quake versions. I wouldn't know, as I haven't played those particular games.


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