King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Late to bed early to rise

Didn't get to sleep very early, what with everything on my mind. I'm going to pay for that today, and possibly people around me are going to bear the brunt of that. It's 6 a.m., much too early. I've decided to get back to waking up earlier so I can be a good corporate Mr. Development Manager at work. Today, I have to regardless. Big dog and pony show away from the office. Basically all the gorup managers are doing presentations for the company executives on our plans for the next couple of releases. Then they will poke holes in these plans? I don't know. My group is dead last in the two day presentation list. I doubt anyone is going to ask much in the way of questions, as they will be tired and fried after two days of this. The only reason I am there is to answer questions, probably about technical stuff, but I am sure schedules will come up as well. For other groups though, not for me. Due to the nature of going-last-ness, I get to hear a days worth of presentations (I got to skip yesterday cause we had no presentation then) and don't answer any questions.

For those who know me, you'll realize this is torture on me, specially considering the lack of sleep. I hate meetings and I hate dog and pony shows. And no extra visibility for me with the company executives because of the lack of questions. Although at least two of our current company V.P.s know me already. But I don't think the company president does, nor do any of the corporate overmasters from the parent company who might be there. Would at least be nice if I got a payoff of someone else knowing me by name for the dreaded dog an pony.

Oh, and did I mention it's too early? The things I do for corporate advancement. (By the way, I ain't looking for any sympathy on this. I chose my job, company, and to get up this morning. I chose my own suckiness, in the hopes of greater reward which may never come.)


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