King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Pedestrian lanes

I think my next crusade will be to get various governments to pass pedestrian lane laws. Not to establish a place for people to walk. Rather, to divide the space that people already walk into lanes for slow walkers and fast walkers. Then ticket the group of fat people who walk four abreast down a Seattle sidewalk oblivious to anything around them. They don't allow people to walk the opposite direction. They don't allow people to walk the same direction.

It's not always something quite so obvious or able to put the blame on a small set of people. For instance, after the game yesterday, it was a clusterfuck getting away from the stadium and back to the car. Everyone milling every which way. Makes it virtually impossible to move with any kind of decent walking speed. Had one game I went to that was a close game so everyone stayed until the last out. Afterward it took me about 45 minutes just to get out of the stadium.

Instead, they could paint a big stripe down the middle of the concourse, and put two big arrows in each circle that is now created. One clockwise. One counter-clockwise. Some people wouldn't take the hint. But I bet a large enough number would that getting out would be so much easier.

Seattle Parks does it at Green Lake. The Burke-Gilman trail has it. Sure, it's mostly meant to keep the wheeled separated from the un-wheeled and from crashing into each other. But it helps a great deal. I think it would work wonders for the merely pedestrian.


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