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Health issue

Not everything was as hunky-dory with my health as I thought.

Doctor's office left a message on my voice mail yesterday saying I needed to call them back about my important test results. It was funny hearing the euphemism coming from the doctor's assistance who doesn't speak English very well (more on that issue later). I got the message this morning, and knew it wasn't good news, so I called back and got the same assistant.

I have an S.T.D.: chlamydia. Probably the most treatable S.T.D. around, so I'm not really all that upset. I've been symptomless. I've been carrying it for at least 1½ years (the last time I had sex) without symptoms. Most likely much longer, as I haven't had unprotected sex in 2½ years. I suspect that partner, though I'll never have any confirmation. Yes, I know it's possible that in spite of precautions I could have contracted it through condom misuse or defect. Still, most likely is the psycho ex.

I dunno if the doctor's office called in the prescription yet or if I can pick it up on my way home. If not, I pick it up tomorrow. Basically, it's a course of antibiotics. So, for those of you planning on jumping me this weekend (especially you, taowulf), you'll have to wait until this is all cleared up.

As for the doctor's assistant, he certainly didn't make this any easier. Not so much with his bedside manner, as I can deal with this without needing coddling. More with his English. I couldn't understand the phone number he left as the callback number. And when I was talking to him, I had to get him to repeat something 5 times before I understood him. I sometimes can't understand words too well under the best pronunciation. I suspect some kind of learning disability. I digress though. When talking to me over the phone when I am on a cell, where I can't read lips or lean in to hear, you need to speak extremely clearly. Don't mumble or slur your words, as I'll just make you repeat it. Or ignore you most of the time actually, while smiling and nodding. The assistant however, I wanted to understand what he was saying. But I couldn't understand his mumbled accented poor English. He was telling me I should tell my girlfriend and she should get tested. However, everything after the first should came out incoherent to my ear. Slow down and speak clearly sparky, and I won't make you keep repeating yourself.

For those of you I've slept with (the oh so many of you), well you may want to get checked if you haven't since I last slept with you years ago. But I suspect you've already been tested. Had I been sexually active these last 2½ (minus a one night stand) years, I probably would have too. I'll be putting myself on a more frequent check up for this now, unless I for sure haven't been fooling around since last getting tested.

Oh, one other topic. This entry is public. I expect some fallout from this (though not much really). I decided a while ago that I wanted my journal to be public, unless my posting would hurt others or violate some trust I had established. Good or bad, you can read about it. Some things are friends-only merely to keep them out of search engines, as the traditions of some groups in which I participate espouse anonymity at the public level. Others, as my issues with individuals, I frequently restrict only to my closest confidential friends for advice, so as not to injure the other person with public laundry airing. Or some work stuff that could be considered confidential. This doesn't fall under such categories. People can know. Comment if you want. Talk about it, in my presence or outside earshot. I may choose not to participate, but most likely because I suspect too many conversations about this will be boring to me.

I also want it public for another reason. A lot of Sea good crap is kept all hush-hush and I think it only encourages rumor-mongering about others. For instance, someone posting that they had to go get tested because someone they slept with had it. They tested negative, but for the good of the people, please get tested because someone in the community is running around with it. No, they can't tell you who. It might be wrong of them to out the carrier, but I think a lot of finger pointing goes on as to who it really is. See that with other issues as well. It would be nice if people talked about such things in a way that didn't invite rumors. One way is to combat that is to stand up myself and be free of what could be a secret. I want to be an example of openness, showing how one can walk tall without hiding stuff.

Then again, I might be attributing a bit much grandiosity to my openness.

And I still have to lose weight and cut down on the cholesterol.

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