King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Ten things stories: made out with a man

Yet another relatively short story. Was at The Vogue with spirochete one weekend. Lance was doing his gay schtick. Well, at least we think it's a schtick. A rather lovely girl made a comment to Lance's ex that Lance seemed rather gay, not knowing the two had previously been involved. Hilarity ensued and when Lance returned to the table to hear the story, he started in with whatever makes you think that? while pawing me.

Her expression said she was intrigued, so we started kissing, and well, if it helps a friend get some, I have no problem with kissing a handsome man. I have no idea if Lance got anywhere with that girl, but it sure looked like she was getting all hot and bothered.

Similar thing the second time. emmrldize heard about the previous incident. Being drunk, she wanted to see it. Since she was kind enough to make out with me, I figured it was the least I could do to provide her with a show. So Lance and I did again. This time, Lance reported a successful night.

Plus, Lance ain't a bad kisser. At least when he doesn't have scratchy stubble.


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