King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Ten things

Ten things you don't (or might not) know I've done. THis is kind of hard, because I think I've written about everything major in my journal at one point or another.
  1. Shot a rifle.
  2. Made out with a man. Twice.
  3. Passed out in the street.
  4. Volunteered at 5 different jails and prisons where I was place in rooms with large numbers of inmates with no protection from guards.
  5. Drove across Canada alone with no itinerary.
  6. Won the Seattle P-I newspaper carrier of the month award.
  7. Served as an altar boy.
  8. Streaked stone cold sober in front of an audience of thousands.
  9. Coached a 1st grade soccer team.
  10. Taught BASIC computer programming on Apple IIs to 6th graders.
Things I want to do, but haven't.
  1. Sign up to be a Big Brother.
  2. Give blood. Needle issue.
  3. Purchase a bookstore.
  4. Graduate from high school and college.
  5. Write (and get published) a few things.
  6. Build my perfect book cataloging software.
  7. Set up a home LAN with wireless.
  8. Sell my house.
  9. Have more interesting sex.
  10. Learn to dance (before my brother's wedding apparently).

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