King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

4:30 am

I really shouldn't stay up until 4:30 am. Lack of sleep does weird things to me.

Last night it made me susceptible to weepiness. Not that the emotion wasn't real or that I don't miss Matt. Just that I can be pushed over the edge into sadness relatively easily.

Other times I just get loopy. Bouncy and generally making no sense and probably annoying to some. Of course, I find myself extremely amusing at these times. I find myself amusing most of the time. Or at least I am capable of amusing myself almost all the time. But when I get the tired loopy state in action, my entertainment factor goes way up.

Lastly, and this is a warning to women, I sometimes just get really horny when that tired. So I will leer. I will flirt. I might even get touchy. Just smack me around, it'll save you grief. On the other hand, smacking me around might not have the desired effect either. Perhaps a witty smack-down will deflate the ego and cause me to troll somewhere else.


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