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Time time time meme

15 years ago (1988)

  • Started sophomore year of college. Computer science major. Grades hadn't yet started to tank, but my drinking was increasing rapidly.
  • Started first job ever at Karen's Old Fashioned Ice Cream in downtown Moscow.
  • Met Lora Dawn Carney, who in early 1989 would become my first girlfriend.

10 years ago (1993)

  • Dropped out of school, worked as a grounds-keeper at Washington State
  • Was sponsoring Shawn and Brett. Started sponsoring Ron. Sponsored others whose names I can't remember.
  • Started Extended Hand group.
  • Was alternate chairperson for Corrections & Treatment Committee of District 20.
  • Led A.A. meetings at Cottonwood prison twice a month.
  • Went all goo-goo for several girls who weren't interested or not available for one reason or another, including Tina and Christie.
  • Started playing pool regularly.

7 Years Ago (1996)

  • Working at Pacific Simulation. Luke Sheneman left, leaving me as the senior developer after working only 6 months.
  • Newsletter chairperson for District 7 (after split of Washington Area)
  • Met Kerry Wirth, who would become first girlfriend since Lora.

5 Years Ago (1998)

  • Quit Pacsim, first time I ever quit a job. Every other job I ever had was temp (such as Dept. of Employment or WSU) or part-time (such as Karen's). Moved to Boise to work at Spur Products. Spur Products immediately began having cash-flow problems and I began looking for work in Seattle.
  • Home group became Utopia. Only my third home group (previous two being Happy Destiny, Extended Hand).

3 Years Ago (2000)

  • Accepted position at Microcrafts, which immediate changed it's name to Vanteon and started having cash-flow problems. Began looking for work elsewhere.
  • Briefly dated insolent, who I met through the Seattle chat group on Yahoo.
  • I meet April, who is destined to become my evil ex. We begin a rocky relationship that includes calls to the police, trips to the hospital, and lawsuits.
  • Jason got divorced, we start spending a lot more time together. We begin going out to the Vogue and the Mercury regularly.
  • Moved to Redmond.
  • Jason met and briefly dated Laura. I became friends with her. I get caught in the crossfire.

2 Years Ago (2001)

  • Finally end relationship with April. File lawsuit.
  • Move to Seattle.
  • Quit Vanteon and start at Expedia in flights.
  • Matt dies Christmas morning in one vehicle accident. I am devastated.

1 Year Ago (2002)

  • Find crack bored.
  • Have first and probably only one night stand of my life.
  • Get promotion to dev manager of cruise group. Have position yanked 2 days later. End up with lead position instead. I kick ass at new job anyway.
  • Meet Deirdre. Meet Deborah. Both surprisingly become among my closest confidants.

6 months ago (March)

  • Person who got dev manager job asks me to take his place.


  • Had breakfast at 14 Carrot Café
  • Read Partners in Crime.
  • Dinner with greenwood
  • Mercury. Enjoy myself despite exhaustion.


  • Breakfast with Jason.
  • Watched Terminator on TBS.

Tomorrow, I will

  • Work.
  • Attend Seattle Mariners baseball game.

5 Things I'd Buy With $1,000

Odd part of this deal. Has no connection to previous time based lists.

  • I could use a new bed, I spose. Mostly I have everything I want or need. Perhaps this should be the place where I say I buy my tickets to Italy?

All the Places I've Lived

  1. 7026 5th Ave NW, Seattle through 1974.
  2. 333 NW 183rd St, Seattle (now Shoreline)
  3. North Seattle with my grandfather, freshman year of high school, 1984 to 1985
  4. 333 NW 183rd St, Seattle (now Shoreline), through August 1987
  5. 216 Gault Hall, University of Idaho, fall 1987
  6. Moscow Hotel, subletting a room so as to gain residency, winter break 1987.
  7. 308 Gault Hall, University of Idaho, spring 1988
  8. Taylor Ave, Moscow, summer 1988
  9. 318 Gault Hall, University of Idaho, fall 1988 to spring 1989
  10. Lilly St house with Lora, Moscow, summer 1989
  11. G-9 Gault Hall, University of Idaho, fall 1989 to spring 1990
  12. Mountain View Drive, Moscow, summer 1990
  13. 913 Vandal Drive, Moscow, fall 1990 to spring 1994
  14. Woodinville, with friend Jennifer and her mother Sue, summer 1994
  15. G-8 Gault Hall, University of Idaho, fall 1994 to spring 1995
  16. 1475 Hawthorne Drive, Moscow, summer 1995 through november 1995
  17. Lenter St, Moscow, november 1995 to may 1996
  18. 1220 E 5th St, Apt 8, Moscow, june 1996 to october 1996
  19. 101 W Second, Deary, november 1996 to may 1998
  20. Meridian, Idaho, at Beavis' house, june 1998
  21. 1963 S Vista, Boise, july 1998 to january 1999
  22. 5025 NW David Road, Bremerton, february 1999
  23. 1434 W Kitsap Lake Rd, Bremerton, march 1999 to december 1999
  24. 5025 NW David Road, Bremerton, december 1999 to january 2000
  25. 18666 Redmond Way Apt QQ1130, Redmond, january 2000 to july 2001
  26. 2301 Fairview Ave E Apt 107, Seattle, august 2001 to present

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