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Start Planning Ahead: Iron Council

Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 08:57:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: cbl <boromirsbane at yahoo dot com>
Subject: China's 2004 tour / IRON COUNCIL

Hi gang -

I've been trolling around this newsgroup for a while and thought I'd pop in and say hello, and also give you an update on what we're planning for IRON COUNCIL in 2004.

Right now the preliminary publishing date is July 24th, 2004. It is currently scheduled as a hardcover.

We are planning to bring China over on a big tour, kicking off the tour at San Diego Comic-Con and then proceeding through the first couple weeks in August. This will be a special kind of tour, two writers for the price of one: Alex Irvine will be joining China for a part of the tour (including San Diego Comic-Con), for the release of his new book, ONE KING, ONE SOLDIER.

Yeah, I know it's nearly a year away, but this is how far ahead we plan these things. Working in publishing is like living in a constant state of temporal distortion.

(Now, all of you: leave China alone so he can finish his book.)


Colleen Lindsay
Assistant Director of Publicity
Ballantine Books / Del Rey Books
clindsay at randomhouse dot com


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