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Pirates of the Caribbean

Went with a large group of people to see Pirates of the Caribbean on Wednesday night. Now, many of the female persuasion fall totally in lust with Johnny Depp in eye makeup. Not being female or gay, that holds little interest for me. Although he does look good in this movie, so if you are interested in pretty males, this is your movie.

Actually, I mostly went for the crowd. I had a pass to see the preview showing at the Uptown last week, but because of work I had to give my pass away. But it turned out to be a very very enjoyable movie.

It's a combination action/caper movie based on the ride of the same name at Disneyland. Oddly enough, the only ride I remember enjoying from my trip there at 10 years old. My general dislike of Disneyland rides could be attributable to the nearly 3rd degree sunburn I had during the visit. But I remember liking that ride, although I can't remember a thing about it. But I digress…

Plot is, woman has stolen gold that originally came from pirates. Man it belongs to is in love with her, though he doesn't know she stole the amulet from him. Pirate attack town, find woman with golden amulet. Turns out it will rid them of a curse if they return it to the box of gold coins from which they plundered them years ago. Enter Johnny Depp, former leader of the pirates. He plots to regain his ship the Black Pearl (the pirates mutinied and left him for dead on a deserted island). He joins forces with the young man in love with the woman to save her, as their interests mostly coincide.

Movie avoid (mostly) one of my pet peeves about actions movies: camera work that jumps around too quickly to see anything. Quick shots then jumping to another angle bother the hell out of me.

The humor is actually quick funny, and avoids the cheap gag one-liners that plague most action movies set in modern times. It's is mostly a wry sense of humor and is frequently self-deprecating rather than full of bravado. Some bits of humor aren't specifically visual or line related. They are pieces of the story. For instance, a scene where jailed pirates beg a dog holding the keys to their cell to come within reach. Or Jack Sparrow deftly stealing a ship of the realm. Or Norrington proposing marriage to Elisabeth Swan but not noticing that she has fallen off a precipice.

And on top of all that, the plot actually holds together rather decently. Not perfectly, but nothing that jars you out of your suspension of disbelief.

4 stars, out of 5.


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