King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Runaway Train

Runaway Train was a psychological action movie that came out in 1985. Manny and Buck escape from prison and the warden pursues them across the Alaskan wilderness. They hop a train whose engineer dies of a heart attack and falls off shortly after setting the train in motion.

Rent the movie. There's a few clichéd parts, but the fact that Kurosawa wrote the original screen play shows. Jon Voight is intense as Manny, the hero outlaw. Of course, Voight is known for playing intense roles, but this is better than the roles he's fallen into the last few years, which seem to fall into two categories: evil mean high school coach, and evil mean military general. Buck is played as a wide-eyed not to bright young criminal by Eric Roberts. He idolizes Manny and helps him escape, then decides to come along. Manny treats him like a puppy. Likes him, but considers him a nuisance. Eventually, their relationship takes a darker, sharper turn. Consider it a late, coming of age moment for Buck.

3 stars, out of 5

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