King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Auto Drama!

Oooh. I have real life drama to report in my LiveDrama!

My brother is in town. He borrowed my car today. He parked downtown. He parked in a zone that said "No parking 3-6 pm." He didn't realize that has no leeway, since they need to free up the lanes for rush hour traffic. He thought no one would notice if he got back a couple minutes late, and if they did, he'd just pay the ticket.

Of course, I don't understand why he needed to drive downtown. It's a mere pittance to hop on the bus from my apartment. And it's not like he had to do something in a rush. He is on vacation. But I didn't question this behavior. If I am gonna ask him why he did things, there are other incidents that take priority.

So it turns out he can't even get my car out of the tow-yard. It has to be the registered owner. Which I find amusing. What happens if the registered owner isn't available for whatever reason?

So now I am taking off from work a bit early to go get my car out of hock.


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