King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

The Table™

I don't feel comfortable at The Table™. It's not that I don't like the people who sit there. I do like them. But almost every time I sit there, I end up getting up and walking off within 5 minutes. And I figured it out this morning why it is I do that. It's because everyone sitting at The Table™ is involved in two person conversations at almost all times. I'll join a conversation of 3 or more people, but not two. Unless someone in the conversation beckons me. So I sit down, look around, wait for a conversation or two to end. When they do not end forthwith, I head back to the pool room. Now, I suspect the 2 person conversation thing at The Table™ is simply because the room is loud and people group into 2s so they can yell in each other's ears. Group conversations seem to start in the pool room because it is quieter and at the edge of the platform because it is more open. Nevertheless, I'd hate to break into a Table™ conversation only to ruin someone's attempt to take someone home (or in the cases where I do want to ruin the take-home attempt, I really just would rather not know the take-home attempt is under way).

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