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Steve Oliver, Dead Men

No cover image for this one, although it's a cool cover. I'd have to scan it myself, as the publisher isn't online and even Amazon doesn't have a scanned cover image. Too bad. Dead Men is a fun mystery that I picked up at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop. It's all about Jack Starr, recently released from prison after serving time for murdering his wife. He finds a gun, and plans ot off himself with it. He ought to for all the trouble it causes him. Turns out the gun was used in a murder, and now the cops are making him for the murder. And another murder. And basically everything he does just makes him look more guilty.

It's only 190 pages, but quite a lot of story is packed into that. Set in Spokane, the author manages to make the city integral to the story and describe it well in the process. He also manages to let the story let the reader know who Jack Starr is, rather than describe Jack's personality himself with narration. I like that in a book very much. All in all almost a perfect mystery.

Post-edit: found an image.

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