King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

King Rat reviews ginger ale

  • Reed's Ginger Brew is the best ginger ale around.
  • Brands such as Thomas Kemper have so much sugar that one cannot taste ginger.
  • Lowest on the list are the mass market brands, such as Canada Dry, Vernor's and Schweppes (all owned or distributed by Cadbury-Schweppes).
  • Blue Sky Soda makes a decent ginger ale, although it is still too sweet for my taste. It also has a little bit of an aftertaste that I do not like. The mass-market brands do not have the after-taste because they have no taste to start with.
  • I've also tried Shasta in years past, but it was so long ago I no longer remember the taste. I imagine it would be very similar to the mass-marker brands, as I recall Shasta being a store brand. I now think I am mistaken about the store brand status, but that's what I recall.

Now, I am off to the grocery to get some pasta sauce and some Reed's.

Tags: ginger brew

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