King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Deja Vu

So, two years ago in June, Jason and I had plans to go to a baseball game. We went out the night before to the Vogue where Jason met a girl, Laura. Jason stayed up all night with Laura and blew off the baseball game.

Today, I had plans to go to the baseball game with my brothers Dan and Joe, Joe's fiance and a friend of hers. Dan told us the game was at 4:30. It is, it is at 4:30 eastern time. Dan is still not home from last night with.... you guessed it, the very same Laura. Considering that several of the people who were going were coming from Bellingham, there's not going to be a game today due to time and... you guessed it my game-mate staying up too late with Laura.

This is very amusing. I am hereby instituting a new rule. I will never bring a single friend of mine to the Vogue or Mercury the night before we are supposed to go to a game when Laura is also single.

That is all.


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