King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

I am Robert

I am Robert acknowleging people summonsed via Email

I need to explain to the many curious, and what im doing

Someone or one's have been summonzing people from other communities to drive in this area, and tune into a certain frequency to listen to whats supposed to be myself, and Mrs Zima 87 yrs having an activity. We both live in yellow house family pictures are in front of store.

Im here not knowing who is or isn't the ones from another community until once in a while one of them will let me hear the noise, as they pass. As they are asked not to look at me.

This has gone on for many weeks.

Sometime at 2 or even 3AM when everyone is retired I will be out here to prove this isn't happening to those summoned via Email.

Please if anyone knows the guilty party, frequency or information please write PO Box 126.


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