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Sara & Pat

I just returned from Sara and Pat's wedding. I've known Sara for 11+ years now. Ever since she was 16 years old (I had just turned 22). Little tart running around Moscow/Pullman, playing with her newfound power to befuddle men. Watched her jump from guy to guy, looking for happiness. Sometimes she stayed longer with one. She's been with Pat now for just under 3 years. First relationship I've seen her in where she hasn't bailed at the first sign of trouble. I'm sure she's thought about it, but somehow she matured enough to stick this out.

Wedding was quite nice. Perhaps 35 people in attendance. They were going to hold it in the garden of a bed & breakfast in Kirkland, but the rain was pouring. Five minutes after the ceremony started in the living room, the rain let up. By the time the reception was over, the sun shined through. Ceremony itself was short and informal. Pat's schtick to find the rings took longer than the rest of the wedding combined I think.

The judge asks for the rings, Pat turns to his best man, who can't find it. He digs around for a few minutes, and finally comes up with a ring. Pat looks at it and says, I can't get married with that! What happened to the ring I gave you? Best man sheepishly says, I think I dropped it. Pat then starts a spiel about there has to be a better ring, when Sara's grandfather says Why don't you use this? Hands Pat an absolutely gorgeous diamond wedding band. Pat likes it, but it doesn't match the other ring his best man gave him. I can't get married if the rings don't match! Someone has to have something nicer than this to match! Oddly enough, my friend Debbie happens to have a matching ring. Then they commence with the rest of the ceremony.

Once Sara saw the first diamond band, she knew what was up. She and Pat had looked at rings a few months ago but the matching band set was too expensive in her mind so she forbid Pat from buying it. Later on, he bought them on a credit card he carried and told her not to look at the bill cause he went on a video game buying spree and didn't want to fight over the cost before the wedding. So she never looked at the bill.

Lovely, small wedding. Debbie and myself were the only unattached people there who had reached the age of majority. Mostly I stood and looked around. But I did chat with a few people.

The end.


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