King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

SeaGoof Fund

Editorial opinion follows. You were forwarned.

imagefactory has started a donation fund to help out Sea Goofs in need. While her heart is in the right place, I predict much drama. EIther that or it will fade from memory because of disuse. But more likely the former.

Why? Because too many people are going to disagree about what is an appropriate use for the money. Everyone will argue over whether a particular cause is worthy. Soon enough, there will be arguments over whether a particular recipient is worthy. People will be put in the position of passing judgment on members of the community.

For example, one of the first suggestions for someone to receive money is Tara and Richard for their wedding this fall. Personally, not exactly something I am wont to donate money to. Tara is a great person, but I'm of the opinion that if one cannot afford the wedding, scale it back until you can. (To my knowledge, Tara has not asked for the money, and if she receives any I'm sure will put it to good use. This isn't an attack on her or anyone's motives.)

Then we'll run into the cases of someone who continually needs money, because for whatever reason they are always short. The first time it might be easy to give them money. Subsequent times people are going to question the continual taking. The more frequent and longer is goes, the more the public questioning of that person's worth will happen.

And sometimes, some people just are going to face the possibility that few people like them. Thus, no money for them even though they may be just as in need as the next person.

One other thing brought up by someone else on the crack bored, a position not even detailed here, is who decides the spending of the money. Ms. imagefactory is the initial steward of the funds, but eventually there will be conflict over that as well.

No, I think this is a bad idea. I shall not contribute. I will continue to quietly give where and when I see fit and am able. Thus, no one need know when I have judged them unfit for my charity. Perhaps that is passive-aggressive, that I do not wish for my ill-formed thoughts on other people to hurt them generally, and also so that I may avoid conflict with them. So be it. I call it tact.

To those running the fund, I wish you good luck and hope you can avoid the pitfalls. Perhaps some people may find help through it.


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