King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Do not play tester if you are not a tester

Yet another work rant.

I fixed a bug last week for a hotfix that will go out shortly. I resolved the bug to the tester for my group. The person who originally entered the bug (not the tester) decided to check out myfix on our internal hotfix servers. She re-opened the bug against me saying that the fix broke some other functionality. I spent most of the day trying to get my dev box set up to try and repro this issue. Normally, this would take all of 10 to 15 minutes to do. But today it's been difficult due to lots of lab issues.

So I finally get everything up and running and run through the repro steps. It's not a bug! Nothing was broken by this! If it had been it's own bug, I would have closed it "by design" but since it was a re-opened bug, I re-resolved it as "fixed" (because the actual bug described in the RAID entry is fixed).

Anyway, here's what she did wrong. The feature adds a bunch of items to a list. Then you have a page with the list of items. And a box labeled "item id" and a button labeled "add to list." Then below that is a button labeled "accept list and move on." basically. she was clicking on "add to list" thinking it was "accept list and move on." only without an item id, it gives an error that asks for a item id.

the thing is, this is her job to use this page every day. so she should have known this. my guess is she does. the problem is, she is not doing her job, she is playing tester and the different role has got her thinking differently. she gets an error message and thinks "ah-ha! gotcha" and files the bug. thinking that a testers job is merely to break the product (which it is in a way). but she fails to slow down to remember what the actual steps are and what the buttons do.

our testers actually set up a series of steps for most stuff they do. they don't just go play with the feature until it does something wrong. and even if they are doing something like that. they will then note the feature area, go back to the test cases and see if any of the break on that. maybe try to create a new test case. they do not just willy nilly file bugs. they have a process they go through.

this is why you can't just hire anyone to be a tester. there are actual test skills involved.

okay. end rant. good testing is such a hot button issue with me, that I didn't even bother to try to capitalize this correctly.


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