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Vanteon can lick my balls

I got a check in the mail today from Vanteon, my employer through March of 2001. They liquidated my 401(k). Fine. I didn't request it, but I was going to roll it over soon anyway. Here's the part where they can lick my balls though. They decided that I forfeited company contributions of $1686.68. I think this is because they haven't credited me with the correct years of service. Except, the materials I have on my 401(k) state that all employer contributions are 100% vested from the time they contribute them.

I sent a nasty* note to them telling them to call me first thing tomorrow to straighten this out.

Anyway, don't buy anything from Vanteon if you get the chance. Likely, you are not in a position to purchase anything from them anyway, as the company is exclusively a contracting company/vendor. Vanteon looks for companies that want software custom built for them, and then Vanteon bids to build the software needed. However, they have no pre-packaged accounting solutions they are trying to sell. Or any other pre-packaged solution like Peoplesoft that they set up add a few custom widgets to, and then charge you your entire profits for the last year like other vendors. No, Vanteon bids on anything pretending to know what the fuck they are doing, then tries to put something together at the last moment, hoping their engineers can learn enough about Peoplesoft or whatever to get the job done. Invariably they lose money on the projects they do win, because they suck.

Losers. Glad I don't work there anymore.


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