King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Hard Eight, Janet Evanovich

First on my reading list for the weekend was Hard Eight, by Janet Evanovich. Basically a mystery/caper novel of not-too-difficult material. I mostly wanted to start off with something light, and Evanovich fits the bill.

This is a Stephanie Plum novel. Our heroine is an accidental bounty hunter. In this episode, she takes on the case of a missing child, the grand-daughter of Ms. Plum's neighbor. Grandmother Mabel put up her house on a child custody bond, and now her daughter has skipped town. She's worried both about the house and her grand-daughter.

The signature of a Stephanie Plum story is the hapless nature of Ms. Plum. This time, every time she attempts to bring in one of her F.T.A.s, she manages to miss nabbing him and lose a pair of handcuffs in the attempt. But in the main plot thread, Evanovich has stopped making Ms. Plum do the wrong thing at every turn. She may be unskilled, but at least she is making choices from which even a novice mystery reader doesn't run screaming.

As usual, all's well that ends well. Except not with a Hollywood ending. And the story ends without every loose end being neatly tied up and wrapped for the reader. Fine fluff for a Friday evening alone in the mountains.

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