King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Do nothing

This weekend really will be a weekend of do nothing for me. I tried to organize an outing to my grandparents cabin, but sadly it was not meant to happen. Everyone either said they couldn't, or canceled after initially saying they would. No matter. I am going anyway, as I wrote earlier this week.

Which brings up an interesting problem. I will have nothing to distract me really while i am there. No TV. No Internet. No phones. Just some books and a fireplace. Only the books can actually pull me out of my own thinking into something else. It's been since my trip across Canada in 1997 that I've had that much time completely to myself without distractions. And even then that doesn't compare, I had the distraction of seeing new things. This will be two days in a familiar place with no distractions, except my books. And unless they are extremely good books, I can only go an hour or two before I need a break. Bringing me back to just me and my head.

Oh, I'll have things to do. But nothing for the brain.

So I'm kind of scared about this.

But then, I really do like fire.


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