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King Rat
Private Life
Benzina (Gasoline)
Saw this one at the Harvard Exit for SIFF last night. Yeah. Lame Thelma and Louise rip-off set in Italy except the protagonists' sexual tension is thrown right in your face instead of all subtle-like as in Thelma and Louise. On top of that, Thelma and Louise grew up and became better people. All the more tragic. The characters in this movie stay stupid and vacuous. The bad guys were annoying, but I still wanted them to beat the holy living crap out of the lesbians. Cause the lesbians evoked no sympathy. I can't even call them by their character names, they pushed the lesbian angle on the viewer so much their names are meaningless.

As I wrote in a comment, I used to think lesbian sex could make any movie decent. I was wrong.

1 star (out of 5).

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