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I just sat through an 8 hour training class on giving good performance reviews. I got promoted a few months ago, and am supposed to have a few direct reports if we can hire them. The way our org chart works, we have a business side and a development side of things. Each runs a parallel organization. Basically, we on the development side build stuff for the business side. But we don't work underneath their organization. Each side has a group manager, which isn't the highest mucky-muck you can go, but it's only a couple levels down from the CEO. I work on cruise development, and in the class was the group manager for the cruise business side. So he's several levels higher than I am, at least. But we work together. I am supposed to build the product he wants to sell to customers. Basically.

In any case, Dave (the group manager) just went through a divorce, and is now not really sure what to do with his time. Sitting next to me in this class, he asks, "So do you get out much?" I thought he was asking about doing physical activities like boating or playing baseball or fishing or such items. I explained to him that I do relatively frequently, but not enough that I think of myself as an "active" person. I explained to him that I don't because I go out frequently on weekends and often stay out until 3 or 4 a.m. Because of this, I often sleep in late and don't do some physical activities because it's too late by the time I can drag my ass out of bed.

"So what do you do, just go hang out with friends?" he asked. Yep, you can see where this is going. So I explained that I go to a few clubs that aren't exactly casual wear places. Lot's of black. Tried to explain a little of what gothic and industrial music is (which I couldn't really tell you specifically, but in a general sense I can explain). Explained the normal attire, etc.

So you do know where this is going right? He wants to go out this weekend. So if everything goes as planned, I'll have him out this weekend with me. I don't think he'll be perturbed by the clubs I go to, but it might not exactly be his cup of tea. Good thing for him I don't frequent the Wet Spot. I think he could be a nice change for him, although I don't really see him getting into the lifestyle I lead for sure.

In any case, I am thinking this will be good to make friends with the guy. Counting someone as high up as he is among the people who I do social activities with could really help career wise at the company. THe good thing is that I do not work underneath him at all. I see it that if he doesn't really take to getting out with me, it won't harm anything. And if he does, he will have a lot of influence with my group manager (since they are paired together).

Yes. I will suck up to get ahead in the world.


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