August 20th, 2013


Yet another water leak

Just as I am walking out the door to go pick someone up at the airport, I notice dripping sounds coming inside my wall. I dig out the claw hammer and pry open the boards over my water heater. Nope, not my water heater, but I can hear the water coming down even better there.

Call the building manager, who is on sleeping pills and can't comprehend what I'm telling her. She attempts to call a plumber. I talk to the woman above me. No apparent water in her place. Plumbers don't answer their emergency line. Manager notices water dripping in the hallway on the floor above me, not inside her unit. After several calls to the plumber, we turn off the water to the stack, hoping that will solve the problem temporarily. It does. The dripping noticeably decreases.

I grab my stuff and head to the car, getting a text message as I open the door telling me the plane as touched down. I make it to the airport just as they get to baggage claim. Get them home and head home myself.

No water dripping or running. I'm guessing the plumber will be here early tomorrow morning. I bet the plumbing will be fixed in a day. But we're going to have to have someone come in and cut open the walls so fans can be directed into them to dry them out properly. We don't want mold growing inside our walls. I lived with 2 weeks of high powered fans inside my apartment a few years ago. I don't look forward to hearing them again. Hopefully they can at least put them in the hallway outside rather than inside my condo.