March 3rd, 2010


Cleo K. Hathaway, June 2, 1925 to March 3, 2010

Grandpa Weiss and Grandpa Hathaway
Grandpa Weiss and Grandpa Hathaway (and me)

My hero died this morning. My grandfather, Cleo Hathaway, Gramps, was the man I want to be. He grew up poor during the depression, spent World War II on a tugboat in the South Pacific, and manufactured furniture with his father afterward. He joined the Seattle Fire Department and made a career there for 25+ years. But most of all he was a loving husband, a doting father, and an awesome grandfather. I remember after a Christmas event for my Cub Scout troop when I caught him outside when he wasn't supposed to be there. He'd played Santa for us and I hadn't realized it was him.

I got to share the last year of his life with him. Though often frustrating, I couldn't say no to the man who's meant the most to me my entire life.

I'm in a state. Holding together though. So, please tell me about your hero or heroine.