January 19th, 2009


Heart stuff

Got a call this evening from my grandmother. Guess where we're at again.

Gramps was feeling tightness in his chest, so they are holding him overnight at Providence for observation. If he goes home tomorrow, he'll take a cab or have one of the neighbours come get him.

Gramps wasn't his usual cheerful self at the E.R. though. He just looked kind of defeated. 3rd trip to the E.R. in just over a month. two more heart events that required doctor intervention. It's not like he wants to die, but he just seemed really tired of all of this. That's very unusual for him. He's a make lemonade out of lemons kind of guy.

Anyhoo, unless complications develop I won't do any more than call and check up on them tomorrow. So Pie Night is still on. I didn't get my pies done tonight, yet. I'm going to clean up some and start my pies first thing in the morning. Probably going to take some housecleaning shortcuts cause i didn't have the opportunity tonight. Don't look in my closet.