January 6th, 2009


Toasted LJ plans

In the event that LJ does close up shop, I will most likely not use Vox as the replacement. I don't have anything against them, but I kinda want more control over my stuff. Plus, someone already grabbed kingrat.vox.com and gkr.vox.com is a poor substitute.

Most likely substitute for me is a combination of Facebook and self-hosted. Primary posting to self-hosted replicated to Facebook. 90% of LJ people on my friends list are already on Facebook. And since I more or less won't be doing private posts anymore it doesn't seem too important to utilize the friends-list exclusion features that aren't practical if I self-host.

Frankly, the only reason I keep the LJ as my primary location is inertia. Both my own and my friends'. I've had ten or so people ask what happened to my book posts, despite posting fairly frequently that I've moved them to Rat's Reading (ratreading). Few subscribe to blogs or even to the LJ feed of it. I'm not complaining though. Point being, that if I drop LJ practically speaking I'd lose most of my ability to inform/annoy my friends. And on my own end, I commit an economic error by not being willing to let go of my sunk cost in spending money on a permanent account. (I've recouped the cost though. I bought mine in like 2003.)

Though writing this all out makes me think I should consider an experiment. Start up the self-hosted thing, and then replicate directly in to LJ and Facebook (as in, not an LJ syndicated feed).

Hmmm... I'll put it on the list of projects I haven't gotten to started yet.

I am wrong on the internets (again)

My apologies to folks in whose journals I have commented about ljArchive. I confused it with LJ Backup, which is a different tool. I've been using LJ Backup with slight hiccups. I've been warning people thinking about ljArchive about those hiccups. ljArchive probably doesn't have the same problems.

I've been using LJ Backup:

I thought I was using ljArchive:

LJ Backup is pretty dang good. Again, I have no clue about ljArchive, all my comments earlier today notwithstanding.