King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Movie clichés that have to go

  • The red wire or the blue wire must defuse the bomb scene
  • The cop buddy I'll drive/no I'll drive argument followed by driving mayhem when either drive
  • The I could shoot you now, but instead I'll fight you man to man fisticuff-style scene because you questioned my manhood
  • The animal hisses at a supposedly good guy to let us know he's really a bad guy (but the animal's owner ignores it anyway) scene
  • The makeover/shopping scene where the frumpy girl becomes the beautiful princess through deft application of Cosmo style to reveal her inner beauty
  • The scene where the protagonist guesses the computer password in 4 or less tries
  • The ending scene where the bad guy makes one last attempt to kill the hero after the hero graciously allowed the evil dude to live, yet is now morally able to kill the bad guy because it is in self-defense

More as I think of them.

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