December 18th, 2008



Plan today was: a) have breakfast with Deirdre. b) drive my grandparents home from Gram's eye exam. c) drive them to and from an Elk's Lodge lunch in Lake City. d) cook a side dish for a mentoring holiday dinner tonight.

How that went: a) Deirdre was sick but I didn't check messages so I had breakfast alone and ogled the waitress. b) drove straight to my grandparents' place. the buses weren't running to get them to the appointment and no one was at the office to answer when they called anyway. c) drove them over to Lake City for the lunch only to find that was canceled too. We missed the cancellation call by about 3 minutes. d) picked up ingredients for the side dish, but as I expected when I got home there was an email telling me that was canceled too.

I have all wheel drive and traction control on my car. I had no problem getting around.

My grandfather's tests tomorrow where they were going to stick radiation in his blood and see where it went have been put off til Monday.