December 10th, 2008


Taking care of the grandparents

While waiting in the hospital tonight, Gram and Gramps started talking about how my aunt wants them to move to assisted living and how they don't think they need to yet. They should, and I'll tell them that. But I'm also not going to get on their case about it either. They've earned the right to make bad decisions. I watched mom make a lot of not so great decisions over the last year. Me getting on her case just would have made her more obstinate and kept stuff on her mind. I viewed my job as to make the best of her decisions. That doesn't mean someone shouldn't have been on her case about her decisions (or on my grandparents now), but that someone isn't me.

My grandparents did start talking about how they think they can hire someone to help them in their condo. Know them, they'd dither on that for a long time for a number of reasons. So I told them they could hire me as their personal assistant if it would help them do what they want longer. Basically, I told them I could do for them what I did for mom the last year. I think they'll go for it. At least if they pay me I think they'll go for it. I don't need the money, but they feel like they are keeping me from doing stuff I want if I am volunteering.

I'm keeping me fingers crossed that they don't change their minds. I watched Gram try to put the coffee filter part in backwards for 30 seconds tonight. They can't really live independently anymore.