November 27th, 2008


Thanks? Giving?

Brunch with Hathaway (mom's side) family this morning. One Weiss came. Gram and Gramps are definitely showing their age. I hope Gail can talk them in to assisted living.

Dinner at the Benders. That's my step-father's side of the family. My mom's BFF in high school married Bill Bender, who is my step-dad's brother. That's essentially how mom met dad. Good hearted, but they try my patience. Tonight the talk was all about cell phone plans. Very tedious. Stuffing was good though. Also, almost every one of them is in agreement about tattoos "That's just not attractive!"

Was pretty tired when I got home, but Jason texted me about going out so I headed up to Merc and Neighbours. Andrea and Logan were, and Jill was DJing. Danced a bit. Got introduced to a cute friend of Andrea's. Was there maybe an hour. Decided to head to Neighbours to see if Kim or Jason were there. No go. Danced a while though. Lots of eye candy. But not really up to conversation with people I didn't know, especially without a corner of friends I could retreat to. So I headed home. Got in a decent amount of dancing for being out not too long.