September 29th, 2008



Friday, show with Kim. Fun except my knee was acting up and my boots chewed into my heels.

Saturday breakfast with Deirdre. Louisa's is pretty good food. Good conversation.

Kim texted me with ransom demands for my shoes from previous night.

I just used "texted" as a verb instead of "sent a text message." I feel like I have sold out.

Dancing Saturday night with Molly (and also Dawn and Amanda).

Loser's Lunch.

Carrie made food.

I also learned that in order for a girl to take my marriage proposals seriously I should have a ring. And I should give it to her. This stuff is complicated.

Train back to Bellingham this morning.

Visited mom today. Breathing is getting bad. She's been getting wobblier on her feet for a couple of weeks. Now she's dragging her right foot.