September 5th, 2008



Well, it appears my hosting company moved my web site to a new box without telling me. I find out because it's completely fried at the moment. "Wait four hours and it'll be fixed on it's own" the support staff says.

We'll see.

Make me a stress monkey

I was getting a little stressed this morning because it was taking longer to get out of the house to head to Seattle. Little did I know how minor that would be.

Stopped by mom's to bring Elaine some books to read, and to see if the new caregiver needed anything.

I arrived and mom and Elaine were fighting. Seems mom had a choking episode and Elaine didnt know what to do. Mom was very short with her about what she should have done. Elaine, of course, is 8½ months pregnant. She's got hormones running wild. So she broke down.

Then I had a conversation with mom about the caregiver last weekend who I fired. Caregiver called three times yesterday about severance pay. I was not inclined, but giving her something so she'll go away isn't the worst thing in the world. But it's mom's money, so I needed her okay.

Part of the reason former caregiver was so insistent is that the referral lady has a slight issue at the moment and so former caregiver might not have work for a while. That's her story anyway. THe little issue is that the guy who went on a shooting spree on I-5 on Wednesday? Her son.

THe rumor though is that referral service is pretty spotty about providing work, and likes to shuffle people around.

Which we found out today. New caregiver woman called our new soon to start night caregiver person, not sure why, and in the process found out that night time caregiver person wouldn't be showing up tonight. Word we get is that referral service asked her to do a different job. They expected daytime caregiver person to work 36 hours. Not that they told her this. No one called to tell us. Daytime caregiver isn't thrilled at all.

So I called a couple of people, and managed to line up a permanent night time caregiver for weekends. Then called referral service to tell them we heard they'd yanked the person. She said they would have someone out and gave me a song and dance about how her girls like to work in teams of two, so she would really prefer us to hire through them. So much bullshit. See, the daytime caregiver tells us she just signed up with referral service. She's never worked a job through them ever before. She's so not impressed either.

The end of it all is that stuff should be lined up. We have coverage again, no thanks to this service.

Other stressful things. While I was there, hospice dropped off some latex gloves. As I carried them over to mom's chair, she attempted to get up. And then just tilted to the right and started falling. I had only one hand free and hooked her and lifted up with it so her head wouldn't smack into the corner of the bed. But I couldn't save the easel with her Dynavox and a billion religious icons. That went over. Luckily nothing broken. But my heart was going just a bit faster.

So yeah, tonight is the first part of my reunion. And I'm a little ball of stress.

How's your day been so far?