August 21st, 2008


The Green Sheet

Mom signed the green sheet today. This is a huge relief! Basically, the important parts says to, no matter what, do not lay her on her back (that would essentially make it so her lungs don't work) and no intubation, no tracheostomy, and no ventilator. Basically, they can attempt to revive her only through external methods like an oxygen mask or smelling salts or something like that. (I'm pretty sure smelling salts isn't something they carry, but I could be wrong.)

A variation of all this was in her advanced health care directive, but it was more nuanced. She already had no ventilator in that, but wanted intubation or possibly even a tracheostomy in some circumstances but not others.

Now it's pretty cut and dried, and neither she nor anyone else in the family needs to worry about her being put on life support that she never really wanted.

Mom basically has two health care goals right now: die comfortably at home, and to live long enough to see her coming grandchild (he's due 15 September). Both might not be possible but that's her ideal.

Read It Later

So, one of the things I've wanted for a long time was a temporary bookmark feature for browsing. Something where I can mark a URL as something I want to read later. Not a permanent bookmark, just long enough to hold it until I get to it tonight, or tomorrow.

The last version of the Netscape browser before AOL killed it had this feature, but they never released it as an addon back to the general purpose Firefox community.

Several other addons purported to give this feature, but I never got them to do so. I got lost trying to make the ones I tried do it.

I just found out today about Read It Later. It puts a little check mark on the location bar. When you click it, it saves it for later. When I want to start reading those pages, I can just click another button and they are opened up one by one, or even just use a keyboard shortcut for it. As I open them, I can either have them removed from my Read It Later list automatically, or make it a manual uncheck.

This is exactly what I wanted.