August 5th, 2008


Copyright rant

Why does the world seem to think that getting them not to copy your creations is an opt-out kind of thing?

I don't mean random schmucks copying pictures and articles and re-posting them. I mean big corporations who feel it's fine to re-copy and display. By default, you can't copy. Once I put something in fixed form, it's copyrighted. That means legally, y'all have to ask first, not me having to ask you to remove my crap from your site. But I go even further than that. I use your silly standard opt-out markings because it's easier. I use no-archive. I embed a machine readable RDF license. I use robots.txt. One method should be sufficient but I use all of these.

And then you ignore them. And invent new opt-out mechanisms that you and only you follow.

Seriously folks, stop it. Decide amongst yourselves what the standard is, and then freaking follow it. And really, it should be something where you don't copy my stuff unless I specifically authorize it. That's the way we have to operate when we want to use your stuff.

I hate that there are, in effect, two sets of copyright rules out there. One for big companies and one for little people.