July 14th, 2008


24 hours

Mom can barely suction herself anymore. There's a long shot procedure to use Botox to shut down saliva production. If her doctor has done the referral, and if the ENT specialist will still do it, and if it works, then my mom won't choke to death in the near future.

I told her and dad today that we'll need to start with 24 hour care shortly. Either the long shot works, she gets 24 hour care, or she goes into a home (or the 4th choice, choke to death on her own saliva).

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but time is running out for her to be independent. Running out damn fast.

Both of them are fighting additional help. Mom spent 30 minutes today telling me how the case worker from the agency last week was rude and the caregiver wasn't bright. I don't want to get into why she's wrong, but she is. Definitely not as smooth as the first person we hired, and that wasn't very smooth.