June 12th, 2008



FYI I will not be in Seattle tonight. I will be arriving tomorrow. I have no specific plans for the day. Saturday I will be attending Chief Sealth graduation and plan to go out Saturday night (Noc Noc most likely).

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The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Pretty solid writing, but I'm only 100 pages in to it so far. But it's chock full of geek references. In a passage about Oscar Wao's mother's adolescence:
But before Beli could bring her colossal cleavage to bear — her very own wavemotion gun — Wei, blushing deeply, ran over and buttoned her up.
Axe Murderer

Repost of a peeve: passive aggressive

I'm sure I've posted this before, but I'm a gonna do it again.

"Passive aggressive" does not mean "avoids confrontation." Nor does it mean "disagrees with me." Nor does it mean "disagrees with me but doesn't fight about it." Nor does it mean "disagreeing in a way to avoid being the bad guy."

It does avoid confrontation, but it's a very particular kind of avoidance. Passive aggressive is when a person disagrees but says they agree, and then actively but secretly tries to undermine the purported agreement.

For instance, your girlfriend wants to go to Maui on vacation, but you want to go to Miami. Leaving a long-winded letter to her saying you don't want to go, or posting to LiveJournal that you don't want to go, and then avoiding the girlfriend for a month so she can't disagree, that's not passive aggressive. It's passive. It's non-confrontational. But not passive aggressive. Telling her you'll go to Maui, but then fixing it so you "have to work" or "losing your tickets"... that's passive aggressive.

If the person disagrees with you such that you know they disagree with you, it's probably not passive aggressive.

This is mostly directed at the Stranger writers and SLOG commenters, but I see it on my friends list on occasion too.