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May 22nd, 2008 - King Rat — LiveJournal
Private Life
DEMONS talk on phones, deceive , and employ humans, without the Holy
spirit sending me here to help expose them, and the witnesses
I would not even try to defend myself from these extrodinary
deceptions. TO all witnesses understand that yes the
demons can burn to a small extent, and but it is beavable. I am
not being burnt, and you must not let them bluff you.
I'm wiping off a demonic chemical substance they use
to take sound from my body, they also make sounds in body
and subtract sounds, and parts of sounds so that one hears
only what they intend, Also they know what i'm thinking
and about to do. (also manipulating biological sounds)
They organize groups, and individuals to do anything they
cannot, and even things they can themselves.
Believing they are dealing with very bad people they have
made them appear to be someone different than they are. After
five years of them being very methodical, and incredibly
detailed. I'm recognized almost everywhere I go, 24/7 they
have been talk busy propigating more workers. Showing
them how to harm indirectly in many ways.
They can contain me in too many ways to explain.
The Some newspeople + police, even prominent people
are the most deceived. I can't get any help.
Yes even the Holy Spirit is hindered. (This is
biblical). But I have much confidence in that the
P.S. SOUND DELAY: breathing's

witnesses will do the most important thing and
just start talking, and warning others, so the word
will get around.
Before Jesus comes again demonic
activity will increase because they know they have

There are many questions, and not enough room, Even if
I'm not home riding a bus, or in another city it doesn't
stop the chemicals, and their operation, unless I wipe myself
down. Workers take pictures of me, and I can seem to be home.


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